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As we all know, the vast majority of people seek training to access better job opportunities. Today we live in a new labor reality: It is global, it is diverse, it is hybrid (face-to-face / virtual), and it includes task-based hiring more than 50% of millennials are freelancers) with specific requirements (knowledge, experience, skills, specific skills) which must necessarily be certified and verifiable (almost 70% of the information and documents provided by job seekers worldwide are unreliable).

It is estimated that by 2030, in this new labor reality, there will be 80 million jobs available, only for those candidates who present verifiable certifications (with international validity) of their knowledge, experience, skills, and competencies. Here is the challenge and the great opportunity that we offer to Trainers and Educators to align with the objective of well-being and prosperity of their Apprentices and Students in their search for better local and/or global job opportunities: Become a Velocity Issuer without investing. You will be able to offer certificates and diplomas as Digital Credentials with international validity.

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Follow the steps below to become a Velocity Issuer and convert certificates and diplomas into immutable digital credentials with international validity.

I want to become a Velocity Issuer

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